Let God Fight Your Battles

Let God Fight Your Battles
A prophetic word given to Dr. Kristi Lemley

The Lord woke me up a little after 2:00am on Wednesday, February 15th, and told me, “Tell them they are fighting battles they were never meant to fight.”

The Lord lead me to 2 Chronicles 20. After spending time with the Lord studying this chapter, this is what I sense the Lord has to say further:

“The battle is fierce in the spiritual realm. There might be an army that has come against you or just one person, but you feel overwhelmed, unarmed, and inadequate. You have been obedient to the Lord and can even feel blindsided by this attack. But fear not, nor be discouraged, because you are to stand still and watch the Lord work. The battle is not yours but His!

Here’s how to respond to the battle you face:
-Seek the Lord: intensely
-Pray: begin with praise and remind yourself of the Lord’s sovereignty and pray His promises to you, then thank Him for the answer
-Ask others to pray with and for you
-Wait on the Lord to speak to you
-When the Lord gives guidance, which He will, worship Him for His faithfulness
-Then act on His direction, remaining passive is not an option
-Praise and worship Him while you wait on Him to divinely intervene

God will act on your behalf. He will deliver you from this battle in such a way that others will see His glory and faithfulness. You will be blessed by your obedience of seeking and waiting on Him.”

I pray for each of you reading this that knows this word is for you. I pray for revelation knowledge in two areas: 1) how you have been fighting the battle in your own strength and 2) what battle you are fighting which the Lord wants to fight for you. May the presence of the Lord encompass you right now to bring peace, strength, and a perseverance believing that this too shall end. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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