Pray Your Prodigal into the Kingdom of God

From the Heart of Dr. Kristi Lemley:

“I didn’t care when I was arrested because I was high. When the drugs and alcohol wore off it was a different story. There I stood in line about to put on the orange jumpsuit and move from a holding cell into the jail. I knew I could not put that jumpsuit on. I just mentally was unable. The guards were about to call my name for a search when all of the sudden I heard my name from the other direction.”

What a powerful and transforming story Pastor Josh Bingaman tells. Years of walking away from the Lord changed one day when he heard his named called because his father found out about the arrest and stepped in to intervene. Josh did not reach out to his dad because he was a pastor. Feelings of shame and disappointment flooded his mind. Yet, his Heavenly Father had a future and plan for Josh’s life.

Josh attributes his turn around to the Lord and the prayers of his father. “I knew my dad and mom, along with the church were praying. I’m here today to tell you never stop praying for your prodigal!” Josh admits the road to recovering his life in Christ was not automatic, nor was it quick. He shared that God was patient with him.

How can you pray for your prodigal? Pray they have a heart change. Pray that whatever lie has them bound that the love of Christ would destroy it. Pray for the Lord to surround them with godly people in their life. Pray against shame and guilt or that their life is too far gone for the Lord to bend down and pick them up. Keep praying!

Josh stated that his earthly father did not shelter him from the consequences of his actions but kept him from a path that he is not sure he would have returned from. “I’m so thankful for my dad’s prayers.” Now, Josh teaches the Bible and is the Director of Harvest Bible College.

To listen to Josh's testimony, click on the this link:’s-Plan-for-Your-Life-Doesn’t-Change-When-You-are-a-Prodigal-(S2,-E23)


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