How do I grow in the prophetic?

I feel like God has given me a prophetic voice. How can I grow in this gift?

Kristi’s Answer-
First, having a prophetic voice can be intimidating so it is good that you are reaching out and asking for wisdom. It can be very dangerous to exercise this gift.

I believe God has gifted every person with a voice to share the Gospel, but some He has placed a mantle on to speak forth direction, correction, and things to come. This can never be taken lightly. There is a prophetic gift and then also the mantle as a prophet. The prophetic gift is much more common. Many people have utilized the title Prophet for self-promotion and ambition. Others have meant well, but lacked balance and ended up harming believers.

Begin with the study of all prophets in the Bible paying particular attention to the humility and need to be "sold out" to the Lord. Then, study the Word of God intensely. There must be a strong foundation of scripture for prophetic voices. If a word is not biblical, then it is not of God. There can be no deviation from this.

Next, when you sense you have received a word, pray over it. Ask the Lord to reveal further clarity on who it is for, if you are to speak it to them, and when you are to share it? When you can answer all three of these questions with little doubt, then step out when it’s time. I say little doubt because I think if one remains humble, then caution will be exerted.

Recognize, sometimes the Lord shares things with a prophetic person so they can begin to pray. Not everything is for the immediate. If you feel pressured to share then chances are it is not the Lord but your flesh. If you feel it coming up over and over and you feel led that it’s time to share, then it’s probably the Spirit. This example will make sense the more you walk in this calling.

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