How to let go of expectations?

Why is it important to let go of our expectations?

Kristi's Answer-
This word-expectations, and the meaning behind it has caused great pain throughout my life. When the Lord called me into ministry, He said I would preach to the nations. Well, when COVID struck, 90% of my speaking shut down. However, the Lord instructed me to begin a podcast. What I thought was a set back, God saw to it that it was a set up. Even though I may not be traveling to speak much right now, the podcast has been heard in 73 countries around the world. Praise the Lord!

You too have unmet expectations. You thought God was going to answer your prayer in a specific way but He hasn’t. You may feel discouraged or disheartened, wondering if God will ever come through. I’m here to shout from the mountain top dear friend, that God has and will come through. Release what you think it will look like and embrace His plan, will, and timing. It will be better than you can ever imagine (Eph 3:20).

This is the reason we MUST let go of how we think God will answer and let Him do His will. Gods ways and thoughts are much higher and better than ours (Is 55:9). If we do not want to live frustrated and disappointed, then we need to relinquish what we think something should look like or unfold and stand back and watch as the Lord puts the puzzle pieces in place.

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