How do I handle conflict with a supervisor or someone above me in ministry?

Kristi’s Answer-

This is a great question and our response reveals more about our character than it does anything else. The situations may vary, but the answer remains the same. (Matthew 18:15-17)

First, go and talk to the person who the conflict is with. This is the Biblical response. I encourage people to write down key points they want to address. This removes emotions from the situation and helps direct the conversation. Attempt to point out actions or statements and avoid attacking character or motives.

Second, offer a few possible solutions. When we only focus on the problem we miss the potential for bridge building. This just might be a God-given opportunity for promotion.

If the person does not respond well or refuses to listen, then pray for further guidance. Sometimes we are to do nothing further and allow the Lord to intervene. Our response is one of forgiveness and grace. Other times when the situation is more severe, we might be directed to take another Biblical step and take two or three people and approach the person again.

Whatever the direction, we must remain humble. If any pride exists within us, then the whole situation will continue to escalate.

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