Miracles are Still Possible

A Walking Miracle Prayed for Around the World
Dr. Kristi Lemley

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that God can still do the impossible? COVID has brought about frustration, anxiety, and confusion for some Christians. Why is God allowing this pandemic? Why does God not heal believers who have become sick? These questions have plagued the body of believers, but while we do not understand some things, God remains sovereign. After hearing Don Cui’s testimony of healing, I wanted to shout from the mountain tops that God is still on the throne and answering prayers.

Don Cui, a Physician’s Assistant for thirty-five years, recalls how the Lord performed a miracle in his life when he contracted COVID in December of 2021, “The Lord had nothing to do with me getting COVID or going on a ventilator, but He had EVERYTHING to do with me coming off of it.” Since Don knew how to read medical charts, he calculated his chances of survival. When he went into respiratory failure and his blood oxygen dropped to the forties, he made the phone calls and said goodbye to his children and wife.

At that point, his wife reached out to believers around the world and quickly over several thousand people were interceding for a miracle for Don, who once was Director of Spring Break Missions for Oral Roberts University and part of the Promise Keepers Leadership team. Don stated, “They were fighting for me when I could not fight for myself.” The stories of praying for Don came pouring in. One gentleman who also had COVID would wake up and declare, “Don Cui, rise up!” Another person shared the Lord woke her up every hour to declare healing in the name of Jesus over Don. Miraculously, Don was only on a ventilator for five days and recovered immediately.

Why did God grant this miracle? Because there was an army of believers who rose up and called out to the Lord for healing. The importance of prayer cannot be understated. Everything Jesus did originated in prayer and conversations with the Father. Our faith needs to rise to the occasion and grasp hold of the promises God has given to us. By the stripes inflicted upon His back we are healed (Isaiah 53:5).

How can we increase our faith to believe for miracles? One way is to read stories such as Don’s. It is vital to hear how God is moving today. Another avenue is to read miracles in the Bible. These stories can ignite your faith. Additionally, ask the Lord to increase your faith to believe for miracles, signs, and wonders. Lastly, pray audacious prayers. Ask God to do the impossible.
So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, ask God for the impossible. Keep pressing into Him until you see the fruition of the Lord’s will.

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