Are you Desperate?

From the heart of Dr. Kristi:

Today in my devotion, I read the story of the 4 people who carried their friend to Jesus. They couldn’t get him close, so they cut through the roof and lowered him. Jesus saw their faith and the man was forgiven of his sins and healed. (Mark 2)

How desperate are we to get to Jesus- whether we need Him for ourselves or others? Are we willing to cut through our to-do lists to sit still with Him? Are we willing to cut through attitudes, unforgiveness, pasts experiences, or anything else that might be in the way to come into His presence? How desperate are we really?

The Lord is always ready to listen to our cries. He is waiting for each one of us to turn to Him with our whole heart. Forgiveness awaits. Healing awaits. Freedom awaits. Peace awaits.

Let’s be desperate today! Our lives depend on it. Our families depend on it. Our nation depends on it.

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