How do I balance personal life with ministry?

Kristi’s Answer-

I want to begin by stating it is not necessary to separate the two for most people. Ministry will flow from a life surrendered to the Lord. I think we need to stop delineating actions of preaching on a platform and sharing the love of Jesus at a grocery store. Both are ministry.

That being said, if you are employed at a church or ministry recognize that there are different seasons you will walk through. The Christmas season might be very busy at a church and you need to accommodate those needs, while the month of January might be a slow season. If you work at a pro life agency, then you might be swamped around the time of year of your annual banquet. The important point is to ascertain the season of ministry. Some times you might be busy and other times slower.

However, if you find that you are always overwhelmed, then invite a trusted friend or mentor into a conversation and ask them to provide wisdom and insight. You might need to delegate more or find an assistant. On the other hand, you could be compensating for a wound that is motivating you and needs healing. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer because each situation is different.

Feel free to comment below. I’d love to know your thoughts and how you have addressed this in your own life.

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