How do I stay focused on my purpose.

How do I stay focused on my calling?

There are so many things vying  for our attention each and every day. It is so easy to become distracted and get pulled away from keeping the Lord first in our thoughts and actions. The question often becomes, “how do I refocus” instead of how do I stay focused.

We need to renew our minds daily. Diving into the word of God is essential to keeping Him first. That’s why Paul stresses in Romans 12:1-2 (input scripture).

I actually set an alarm at 12:00pm, 4:00pm, and 8:00pm to remind myself to thank the Lord. If I’m not thinking of Him, then I will be. Pray and ask the Lord to reveal a way for you to keep Him at the forefront.

Another idea is to remember all areas of our life are ministry. We cannot separate Sunday from the rest of the week. Our family is a ministry, our job site is a mission field, and our neighbors need the light of Christ.

Lastly, if your focus does wonder (which if you are like me, it does) gently pull your thoughts back and refocus. No condemnation or guilt is needed. Just say a quick prayer or offer thanksgiving for His great grace and move on.

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