How do I keep going when I feel like giving up?

Kristi’s answer:

Have you ever pulled a muscle or hurt something and someone said to walk it out? I know I have. That’s where I am right now and I know some of you are too.

Times of pain or stretching (because of good things) cause us to self-reflect and look in the faith mirror. Honestly, sometimes I don’t like what I see within myself. I think you might feel the same. This isn’t condemnation, but inviting the Spirit in to remove attitudes, mind sets, and sin if need be. It can be painful to allow the Lord to challenge us. I pray for the Lord to immediately change me, yet I continue to hear the Lord whisper, “walk it out.”

What does this mean? It means to lean into Him and His Word until the issue we face has been swallowed up by His love, grace, and mercy. Whether it be waiting for a medical miracle for a loved one, dealing with changes, or coming up higher in our spiritual walk; the only way is to keep at our journey. Giving up or giving in needed be an option.

A few nights ago as I tossed and turned without even knowing why and what had stolen my peace, I cried out to the Lord. Slowly I began to smell a fragrance I have never smelled. It was so sweet and I realized, it was the fragrance of heaven. Such a powerful moment. In the darkness of night, I was reassured of His presence and yes, the still small voice that said, “walk it out, I’m with you.”

God is with you so keeping walking. You don’t walk alone!

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