A Miracle in Action

A Miracle in Action
by Dr. Kristi Lemley

I woke up Saturday morning to a stark surprise, I had no voice. I attempted to speak, "Good morning," to my cat and nothing came out. Nothing! Alarm bells rang as I was supposed to preach the next day. My thoughts immediately went to, "What is going on Lord and what do I do? Should I cancel? Do I reach out to my contact person and give them a heads up that I might not be able to preach tomorrow?"

Then, as quickly as those thoughts came, they left. I had a word from the Lord. "I will heal your voice. You will preach." With these words of comfort and promise, I began interceding for my voice. I reached out to my prayer team and asked them to be praying also. We were bombarding heaven for a healing touch for my voice.

All day Saturday I rested my voice and drank lemon honey tea. I utilized wisdom but it resulted in little change. My once strong voice was merely a whisper. Before tucking myself into bed for the night I once again prayed.

Sunday morning revealed a little more of a voice but nothing compared to my normal. My husband and I drove to the church as I was still drinking hot tea. People were greeting me and saying, "Hello" and I would just wave back. I could hear my husband telling people that I was saving my voice to preach. More prayers went up from the church leadership team right before service.

As I stepped up on the platform, I knew I had a word from the Lord and today was the day to deliver it. In my weak and cracked voice I shared with them that I believed the Lord was going to heal my voice and that by the end of the sermon it would be normal. I could tell it was slowly improving and around the 30 minute mark, I was astonished. My voice was once again strong and my passion for the message was on display. I could see people bending over and talking with each other so I immediately stopped and noted my voice. Everyone was nodding in agreement and the miracle transpired.

I want to share this today because when we have a word from the Lord, we must walk in obedience. What would have happened had I decided against faith and allowed fear to take over? Lives would not have been encouraged, a man not filled with the Spirit, and anything else that I am unaware of. Could those things still have happened, possibly because it is never about us, but about Jesus. He needed my faith to be high that day. People needed to see a walking miracle, especially since I was preaching on the story of Jairus and the miracle of Jesus raising his daughter back to life.

I want to encourage you today to grasp hold of the promises of God. Don't let go or back down. If God said it, He will do it!

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