What does it mean to be available to God?

What does it mean to be available to God?

Kristi’s Answer-

This is such a great question. There are times we pray for open doors for ministry opportunities, but I think the Lord just wants us to be available whenever. If we reflect on the life of Christ, He walked and talked with people. Meetings broke out in homes, in the marketplace, on the roads, and by the water. In our modern culture, we think people need to come to us, but the Lord commands us to go-go to where hurting people are.

To be available means to say yes to whenever, wherever, and whomever. It allows God to be God and not boxing Him in by our expectations. One day, your yes may be to call a friend. Another day, yes might mean praying with someone at a grocery store. The possibilities become endless when we truly are open to the leading of the Spirit. This is when being a Christian is full of life. You will be amazed at how the Lord moves in you and through you.

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