Does God ever wait on us?

Does God ever wait on us?

Kristi's Answer-
Waiting is such a difficult task for us. There are many times we think we are waiting on God to move on our behalf and open doors or provide divine deliverance, yet I believe there are many times God is waiting on us. So to answer the question, Yes.

How do we know it is God who is waiting and not us? The only way I have found is by sitting still in His presence with the Word of God and asking the question- God am I hindering forward progression in my purpose?

I will never forget one day as I was praying while I drove to the church plant, when the Lord revealed I had made a vital error and stepped out in obedience without my husband's blessing. The stepping out was not the issue, but not being in agreement with my husband was. That day I drove home and sat at my husband's feet and asked for forgiveness. We embraced and peace returned. This in only one example of not waiting on God's timing and taking matters into my own hands. I had to back track, repent, and then move forward.

Can I challenge you today? Is there an attitude you need to change? Do you need to extend forgiveness to someone? Could God be waiting on you to give a true, fervent "Yes" and not a half-hearted dedication? God is not waiting for our feeble attempt to be comfortable, but our sold-out, on fire, resolute, no turning back commitment to His will and His way. Can you say this is you? This question is not mean to bring condemnation, but conviction. Allow the grace of the Lord to swallow up your doubts, fears, unhealthy attitudes, and unforgiveness in order for you to move forward.  

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