How do I Share My Story?

Question by a listener... How do I share my testimony?

Kristi's Answer:
What happens when you feel led to speak or write your message publicly? First, write it out. I have observed many wonderful people who have powerful testimonies but have not whittled their story down to a manageable presentation, so unfortunately, they lost people’s attention. When the message is too cumbersome, people shut down. Their ability and desire to listen disappears. This can negatively impact your willingness to share again if you observe their distractions. Write and rewrite your story until it flows. Have a thirty second ‘elevator pitch’—something the length that one could tell a stranger in an elevator ride—which summarizes it. People can ask follow-up questions for you to elaborate on, but you cannot reconnect people once they dislodge.

When you have come to a place of peace with your journey and feel confident you have honed it, then ask the Lord to open doors for you to deliver it. When I say honed, again, I am not referring to perfection, but the ability to identify key elements. One way to begin this process is to communicate the message to your pastor and ask if you can share during a prayer meeting or Bible study. Another idea is to record yourself speaking and put it on social media. Technology has provided means for many open doors. Just make sure you are ready for it through the Spirit’s leading. You can even inform friends and let them know you are willing to encourage others if they know anyone experiencing something similar. Also, convey to them your availability to speak at events they host.

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