Is Pain a Gift?

From the heart of Nicki Hausman- Transformed Women Leadership Team & Prayer Team  Member

I love gifts, usually.

Funny gifts, beautiful gifts, pragmatic gifts, but pain as a gift? Pain is a gift in that it keeps us from injuring ourselves frequently, it warns us to avoid sharp objects, hot surfaces, and over doing heavy lifting. Unfortunately, pain is a gift that keeps on giving, even when I want to put far, far away.

Are you like me and go out of your way to avoid pain-even a little bit.
If I am being pressed by 'deep pain', I am on my face begging the Lord to remove it, rebuke it, and get it out of my life.

Anyone else do this?

Don't even think of calling that awful pain a gift! Yet,maybe it is.

Here are some thoughts to mull over from Mark Batterson's book 'Whisper-How to hear the Voice of God' pg 177: “The Promised Land was God's gift to His chosen people, but they still had to fight giants to take the land. You will, too. And like them, you'll acquire some battle scars. Pain is part of the curse, but that doesn't mean that God can't redeem it., recycle it, and speak through it. It's a difficult language to discern, no doubt. But like every other language, it's a love language. And we dare not forget that we have a suffering Savior, who endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him."

Gift of pain?

What has God taught me through horrific pain whether it be through death, divorce, poverty, failure, aloneness, illness, or just darkness? I have found that He is faithful and true. He has never forsaken me even when I knew He should.

It’s time to lean into and earn from the gift...

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