Thrive, Don't Just Survive

Dr. Kristi- Thrive and Don’t Just Survive in Today’s World

One cannot turn on the tv, radio, or social media without being bombarded by dire reports, disasters, division, or darkness invading countries. If Christians are not careful, we can allow these reports to discourage, distract, or devastate us. The Bible explicitly states that the end times will consist of wars, earthquakes, lawlessness, and division. This should not be a surprise to us. Jesus acknowledged that we would have trials and tribulations, but not to fear because He has overcome it all (John 16:33).

Jesus revealed that the enemy comes like a thief to still, kill, and destroy. But the rest of that verse declares that He came to bring life and life abundantly. How can believers live in this tension−the tension that the kingdom of heaven has graced earth, yet darkness continues to have some dominion over it? We must recognize it and rise above it.

The Holy Spirit was released and given to believers to empower us. We are not left helpless or hopeless. We can thrive even with all that is going on in the natural realm. Here are three actions we can take to thrive even with all hell breaking loose against us.

First, we must keep our eyes on Jesus. When we hear reports of catastrophes, we need to immediately take our thoughts and feelings to the Lord. Call upon His name to help those affected. As soon as I heard about the situation in Afghanistan, I cried out to God. He reassured me that He heard my prayers and the prayers of all His people.

Second, we must speak the Word of God over situations. There is power in the Word, and we must wield it. We must speak nonexistent things as if they were. We must speak life to death and light to the darkness. He has given us weapons to fight with and they are mighty for pulling down strongholds. When we walk in the power and authority that Jesus died and rose to give us, then we can change the atmosphere over our lives.

Lastly, we must expect the Lord to show up but not place our own expectations of what we think and want it to look like. It is difficult for me to wrap my mind around the atrocities that occur, but I have learned not to lean on my own understanding but to trust the Lord (Proverbs 3:5). God is fighting for His people. We do not have to fight on our own.

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