God Has More for You

God Has More for You
Dr. Kristi Lemley

Syd is a minister and pastor’s wife whose life about ended. One night during a revival service, she snuck out of church to complete her suicidal plans. A childhood trauma left her wounded and struggling in silence. Yet, the Lord had other plans for her life that night. When she was about to drive into the concrete embankment, the Spirit filled her car with His presence and healing began.  God did not completely restore her that night, but a process of restoration began.

It is in the continued relationship with the Lord where we accomplish all that He has designed us to do. We must do our part and allow Him to work in us and through us. We can stop the process at any time, so hunger for transformation and the truth must dismantle the masks we wear and the lies we believe. Relinquishment of fear, shame, guilt, anger, and unforgiveness is necessary and required. Syd began her journey of wholeness that fateful night; and for you and me to accomplish all that the Lord has planned for us, we too must allow the Spirit to heal all emotional wounds.

When our soul is wounded, it becomes difficult to connect on deep levels. As adults, we deploy masks to cover who we really are so others cannot see us clearly. The problem, we tend to lose ourselves under the façade and become a person who poses as real. The task, it’s time to reclaim who God has created us to be. It’s time to heal the inner child.

How do we accomplish this? First, we must ask the Lord to reveal any place in our lives where previous pain, trauma, or woundedness remains. Then, it is imperative we invite the Holy Spirit into that place to reveal the lies of the enemy and replace it with the truth of Jesus.
For an increase in the Spirit, it is necessary to be free from anything that would stop the flow of Him. We are like pipelines. If there is mud, rock, or backed up water in the pipe, then fresh water cannot flow. We must decide to forgive, capture the inner child, and allow the Spirit to freely flow.

Freedom from our past is imperative to going deeper in our relationship with the Lord and fulfilling the purpose of our lives.

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