Transformed- Do You Need It?

An excerpt from Dr. Kristi's new book TRANSFORMED:

Do You Need Transformation?

Difficult situations we endure trigger questions which are a part of life. Why did God allow that to happen? Why didn’t God provide? Why am I not a better man? I can think of multiple biblical examples that questioned life after experiencing pain such as David being chased by King Saul, the people in John 11 asking about Jesus not arriving in time to heal Lazarus, Peter questioning Jesus about John’s future after being told he would be killed, and Job struggling with the day he was born. Again, questions are a normal part of life. However, it is how a person answers the questions that reveals whether they have allowed the wound to take root within their soul. This is only exacerbated when the person does not know the Lord when the incident occurred due to their young age or not being saved.

When a person turns away from the Lord’s truth and leaning into Him, the enemy has the potential to plant a lie. The person begins to listen to the response that Satan offers, such as “You are the problem. You are not good enough. You are not a real man. You are not loved and never will be.” If these lies coincide with what another human spoke or still speaks, then it only becomes stronger and truer within the heart of the receiver. This lie then grows into a core belief which we respond from. Our beliefs dictate how we interpret what we see and hear. This in turn causes us to react. For example, if you have been let down by someone, which left you feeling helpless, you may believe that no one can be trusted. This in turn makes it more difficult for you to trust God. If a father was gone a lot and never around, you may find it difficult to believe that God is always with you. If you were fired from your job, the lies that you would not amount to anything flood back into your mind and that belief is strengthened. These are just a few examples of a litany of possibilities.

Do you often find yourself having to address the same circumstance over and over? The people may be different, or the exact details altered, but similar emotions are triggered within you. I often say that the only way over the mountain or obstacle is to climb it and overcome it. We can attempt to locate shortcuts in order to avoid dealing with things, but it will continue to surface until we are freed from it. Why? Because that is how much God loves us. He wants us to be completely free! He wants to use your story to bring hope and healing to others, but this is not possible until you admit you are broken.

The point is to help people recognize that there may be an emotional issue lurking deep within that needs healing. Yes, some emotions of fear are realistic, those we take to the Lord, and He strengthens us. But if there is consistent fear, insecurity, shame, or feelings of abandonment, then it is time to be honest with yourself. Instead of ‘pushing’ through another time of uncomfortableness or pain, how about allowing the Prince of Peace, Jesus, access to the depths of your being? He will shine the light of truth to allow you to see what lurks deep within your core beliefs.

If you think this describes you, then TRANSFORMATION was written just for you.

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