How do doors open for ministry?

Kristi’s Answer-

We all want to make a difference and share Jesus with others. We were created for purpose. However, you and I cannot open doors on our own. Sure, we can network with others and self-promote, but only the Lord creates divine opportunities which last.

I would encourage you with another question- who are you serving? If we look at Biblical examples, we see Elisha served Elijah, Joshua served Moses, and Timothy served Paul before they launched out on their own. I learned this lesson years ago when the Lord instructed me to contact Dr. Carolyn Tennant and ask to serve her when she travels to speak.

Through the years, I have been blessed to learn, serve, and observe Dr. Tennant. This is one way God is preparing me for what lies ahead in my own ministry. If we remember that Jesus came to serve, we are quicker to embrace the process so our hearts are pure and ambition dies on the altar.

Pray and ask the Lord, “Who do You want me to serve?” Then, step out and ask that person how you can serve them. You will be amazed at how blessed you will be and how rewarding it is to serve. See, I have been more blessed as I’ve helped Dr. Tennant than she has by me.

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