Do I have to?

Kristi's Response:

It was a cold morning and staying in bed sounded much better than getting up out of my nice warm comforter. Yet, I made the decision to pull myself out and begin the day. After my time of devotion, I normally walk my dog Kooper. This morning, when it was time to take him,  I didn’t really feel like it. I reminded myself it was cold out and drizzling. Surely, my husband could walk the Kooper or maybe he would be fine today without his stroll.  But my husband did not want to and Kooper looked at me with those eyes that begged for his daily walk. So I dressed for the occasion, put on my hat and raincoat, and off we went.

The Lord often speaks to me when I’m walking Kooper and today was one of those days. No, I wasn’t begging God to bless me for walking Kooper, that was not my motive. My motive was just because he needed it. My selfishness of not wanting to go was overwhelmed by my love for him.

Anyway, as I was walking, the Lord reminded me that in obedience, there is blessing. He reassured me that when I say "yes", He is faithful to show up. I think sometimes we are tested to see if we will follow through even when our flesh does not want to expend the energy. Does our love for the Lord rise higher than our own will?

Was it still cold? Yes, my hands were freezing. However, the joy in my heart was overwhelming from spending time in the presence of the Lord once again. Was this just a walk on a dreary day? No it wasn't. It became a life lesson reminder. I often experience the deepest gratitude in my heart when I have passed a test given by the Lord. Gratitude that He has molded me, transformed my motives, and continues to take me deeper. So, do you have to? Nope, but I challenge you to say yes!

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