Prophetic Word

This is a prophetic word the Lord gave Dr. Kristi Lemley on January 2nd, 2023

There are places around the world, where My glory remains. However, My glory has left many places, and the people are unaware that I Am no longer there. But I Am coming back in power. I will judge and bring my warring angels with Me. Soon, people will have to choose. Are you all in or in it just to get what you can? Do you truly love Me or My blessings?

Persecution reveals the heart and true dedication of faith. Some will endure more than others, but once through the fire, they will be purified. They will carry My glory to places only few would go because of the grit needed. It isn’t glamorous, but it is Me. The vanity in the Church is sickening, and the god-complexes that are happening disgrace My name. Oh, but wait for Me. I Am coming. I Am faithful.

Those who truly seek Me and My will, will see Me in ways they have read about and longed for. Oh, the wait will be worth it. For you cannot even imagine what the force of My presence can and will do. Remain on your face- prostrated out before Me and I will raise you up. You come to Me in weakness, and I will send you out in My strength. My true followers will be known. Those who are only in it for fame will fall. Unless I build it, it is built in vain and the storms of life crush it.

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.  The speed at which things will begin to happen will cause you to need to hold on. Your grip on Me needs to be solid, because you’ll need to know what is of Me and what isn’t. The enemy will attempt to masquerade, but don’t fear, you will see him and dispose of his tactics. I have hardened you to difficulties, so you do not stumble. But you must remain in My presence. For it is I who will and work it out. I alone Am the instigator and performer of My will.  

I need willing vessels to carry My glory. Submit, surrender, and seek Me. You will find Me and see Me. For I long to be found. I long for My will to become your reality. I Am waiting for such as these. You think you were waiting for Me, but oh My child, I Am waiting on you.

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