Spirt Led Vs. Make it Happen

Spirit Led vs. Make it Happen

There is nothing more powerful than the presence of God where in one moment a life can forever change. Sins erased. Addiction gone. Freedom from cancer. A marriage restored. Angels rejoicing in heaven. Chains breaking from the weight of His glory. How glorious to behold that sight!

These experiences transform people, but how does it happen? Who instigates it? Why is this so imperative to spend time addressing this?

The overall theology of revival centers on God alone. His sovereignty determines when, where, and through whom revival breaks forth. The purpose for the Lord to pour forth His Spirit is to bring people into a relationship with Jesus to have intimacy with them. This awareness cannot be created by people but only prompt a response out of obedience to the Spirit which offers Him complete freedom to interject the will of God upon lives and society. What results is a beautiful display of the glory of His majesty.

We must be Spirit led, but the Lord does require obedience. The problem? Sometimes our obedience slips into human strength. This is not usually on purpose; we just get tired of waiting. We read a book or see a fellow pastor implementing a new program that is successful and we attempt to replicate it hoping for a similar outcome. However, the Lord desires us to seek Him for our own direction and guidance. And I believe that God cares about the details, just read the measurements for the ark that Noah built, the tent of meeting that Moses built, or the temple that Solomon built. God will lay out each plan and guide us if we allow Him the honor.

How can we tell if we have slipped into making something happen?
1) It feels like we are pushing against a brick wall. We do everything we can or everything we think we are supposed to be doing and nothing happens.
2) Frustration sets in. When this occurs, it is a sure sign that something has gone astray.
3) Close with frustration is when our emotions are more in control than wisdom.
4) When confusion surfaces as to what to do.

So, what can we do when we recognize we are no longer Spirit led? Repent. Take a step back and spend time in the Lord’s presence being still. Remember that God is putting each puzzle piece together in His time to accomplish His purpose.

What does being led by the Spirit look like? There is a tremendous amount of peace, faith rises, grace flows, and we are at rest in Him. We trust in His timing and perfect plan. The fruit of the Spirit also abound-peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control. Doors will open without us even knocking. There is clarity on specific steps and actions to take. You just know that God is leading. You sense it at the core of your being. Learning this takes time and practice on your journey of life. You can get there, just breath and lean into the Lord.

The only question remains: Are you being Spirit led or are you trying to make something happen?

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