God is Bigger Than Your Circumstances

God is Bigger than Your Circumstances
Dr. Kristi Lemley

“No! No. It felt like a wave was coming over me and crushed me. Everything went black,” declares Melissa Eadie when describing the moment she received the news her leg would have to be amputated due to the cancer. This news meant the future she had planned as a professional dancer was dashed. Not only had the cancer come back, but now it had cost her the dreams she had.

“I woke up and my pillow was soaked. I couldn’t even escape my sadness in my sleep. I was heartbroken.” Melissa explained the grief she felt and had to process. But there was a point where everything changed for her. She had to make a decision where her grief and pain would break her and she would live in defeat, or a situation that she could grow from and be more than just an amputee. This pivotal moment came from the words of wisdom from her father in the stillness and silence of a hospital room.

Melissa shared how the Lord held her. She recognized the need to become vulnerable to the pain she experienced. Instead of pushing it down and ignoring it, she wept with the Lord holding her in her loss. Two keys that helped her on her healing journey were the support from family and friends who were praying and knowing that God is not malicious. “I knew that God was for me. I had to remind myself daily that He loved me and had a plan for my life.”

If you are suffering right now, be encouraged that God is with you and fighting for you. Allow Him to renew your mind by reading the Bible and listening to other’s stories of transformation. Just like the Lord did a mighty work in Melissa’s life, He is ready and willing to heal your breaking heart.

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