Life Without Limits

Life Without Limits
Dr. Kristi Lemley

How can we have a life without limits? By living to please the Lord. “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ” (Gal 1:10, NIV).

We can respect, love, and help others, but we can never allow them to take the place of the Savior in our lives. This is the root of the fear of people—thinking that other people have power over us. The only power they have is what we give them. Yes, they can take our physical life, but not our eternal life. Yes, they can make our lives more difficult, but they only take what we give them.

Threats, rejection, abandonment, or bullying have no power over us when we understand in the depth of our being that only God is the Giver of Life. If we are rejected by a person, God accepts us, and that will never change. Can situations and circumstances be life altering? Yes. Are they emotionally painful? Yes. But we should never bow to a person when the Giver of Life lives in us. The same power that resurrected our Lord lives in each of us right now.

If we choose to live in freedom from sin and worldly ways, with joy in the Lord and the recognition that we are loved beyond measure, and if we rest in knowing that God is in control of our lives, then nothing can hinder us. We can rest because we do not have to work to become saved because Jesus already paid the full price. We can rest also because God fights for us. Again, no eternal reward can be taken from us (John 10:28). We need to rest in His love and plan for our lives (Jer 29:11). Rest in the knowledge that He will withhold no good thing from us (Luke 12:32). Rest in knowing He is with us. He lives inside of us.

Will you allow that power to rise within you to strengthen you? Will you allow the Spirit to comfort you? Will you allow that same Spirit to give you wisdom when words are needed, to direct you even in the face of opposition? Live a life without limits!

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