Do you hear the birds?

Kristi's Response

I walk my dog every morning. It is a great time for Kooper and myself. The atmosphere is calm out in the country and I can watch the clouds roll in and see animals scurry around. Yesterday while walking Kooper, I was lost in my own thoughts. My necessary to-do list, upcoming speaking engagements, and a multitude of other tasks were vying for my attention. It is not always a good place to be in my head with roaming thoughts.

All of the sudden, Kooper decided to stop and do his business. The tension on the leash pulled my mind from the distractions and I recognized my surroundings. The sound of the birds replaced my whirlwind thoughts. I heard a wide variety of birds singing and attempted to decipher the kinds of birds. In that moment, the Lord spoke to my heart. "This is what happens when you still your mind and just listen." I could clearly hear the birds as if they were sitting on my shoulder.

As I begin to walk again, I made a point to listen to the birds. I realized they were talking all along I just wasn’t truly listening. I think sometimes that's how it is in our relationship with the Lord. He is talking, we’re just not listening. We are preoccupied by what we think we need to do instead of listening for His leading. We attempt to figure things out instead of trusting in the Lord's timing.

I encourage you today to just be still and listen. The Bible says to be still and know that He is God (Psalms 46:10). It is in the stillness where we can hear His voice, sense His presence, and know His love. So today, stop the business that’s going on around you and take time to practice being still.

Do you have a similar story? Does this resonate with your heart? Feel free to comment below.

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