Why is Having a Mentor Important?

Kristi's Answer:
We can become emotionally attached to our calling that we forget wisdom and need to grow in it. When the Lord called me into ministry, it ended up unfolding differently than what I had envisioned. I could have avoided frustration, impatience, and discouragement had wisdom been utilized. I thought every evangelist did the same thing, the same way, as the only ones known to me were television evangelists. Through trial and error, lessons were learned.

The world draws us to want fame and for our name to be recognized. Even with good and godly intentions, pride can enter. Our journey then becomes more about building our ministry than about building the Kingdom. Put your dream on the altar. Die to what you sense God is wanting you to do and then keep it there. What is meant by that? You must remain content and continue to serve the Lord even if your dream never comes to pass. Frustration and discouragement enter when we become so focused on trying to open doors for our dream to materialize instead of keeping Jesus as our first love.

One protective measure to remain on track is to obtain a mentor. Allow him or her to speak wisdom, understanding, and guidance into your journey. This can prevent pitfalls and future heartache. Plus, the Lord identified this biblical pattern for us with relationships such as Paul with Timothy and Elizabeth with Mary.

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