How do I manage my time?

 Question- I have a lot of roles, how do I manage my time?

Kristi's Answer:

In our current culture, taking on multiple roles is common. You might be a parent, child, sibling, business person, volunteer, church goer, minister, and Jesus lover. No matter how many titles you have, it is possible to accomplish what needs to get done.

First, time blocking is imperative. Set aside scheduled times to complete specific activities. Schedule two hours on Monday from 3:00-5:00 to write. Schedule your Tuesday evenings for family game night. Thursday morning for sermon prep. Saturday mornings from 8:00-10:00 to clean. I think you get the point. Blocking off time will help you rest assured that the most important tasks will resolved. It provides a peace of mind. Too many tasks on  your to-do list? Then take a look at all your are doing and recognize that you might need help. Begin to prioritize things in your life and activities that do not rate very high will likely fall off your schedule. Delegate more or say no when the situation warrants.

Second, when do you have the most energy, creativity, and focus? Plan the most difficult tasks then. This will ensure you are up to the challenge and not exhausted or overwhelmed. My best time is right after my devotion time up until about 3:00pm. I try to not do any writing, sermon prep, or counseling after 7:00pm because it will make it more difficult for me to "shut off" my brain. It is okay to realize that certain times you excel and other times you are winding down. Not sure when your best time is? Begin to keep a log in order to pinpoint these precious and valuable times.

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