Stand and Fight Goliath

From Kristi's heart:

As I sat in my prayer room, a litany of prayer requests and situations ran through my mind. A story of a marriage in trouble, cancer raging throughout a body, the massacre of believers in Mozambique, and another friend with COVID overwhelmed my thoughts. All the sudden, a holy and righteous anger grew within my being. I began to cry out to the Lord in my prayer language. “The devil will not win” shouted from my lips.

The Israelite army waited on the sidelines as they allowed Goliath to intimidate and paralyze them with fear (1 Samuel 17:11). The battle was stagnant. The situation was not going to change without an assault, but no one stood to face Goliath. A teenage boy heard how Goliath was defying God and decided to fight because he knew the power of his Lord. Familiar voices attempted to stop the confrontation with the reminder of how weak David was as a young lad (1 Samuel 17:33). Yet, David rose while declaring the name of the Lord and ran at the giant (1 Samuel 17:45-48).

David made a decision to not listen to the enemy, his brothers, or anyone else who told him he was not enough. David kept his eyes on the Lord and the task ahead of him. You may hear the voice of the enemy telling you that you will never change, that the addiction is too strong. The doctor’s report might be echoing in your mind, and the enemy is telling you to just give up. Your spouse might be living elsewhere, and your hope is about gone. But God! Brothers and sisters, hear the word of the Lord‒it is time to fight!

We do not fight by ourselves or with our own weapons. Actually, all we have to do is show up and step up and watch the deliverance of the Lord. God wants to fight for you! He has already given us the weapons of our warfare and they are mighty for pulling down the enemy’s strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:4). Are you ready to take on Goliath? Are you willing to say “Yes” to the Lord?

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