How do I figure out what is hindering me moving forward?

How do I figure out what is hindering me moving forward?

Kristi's Answer-

This is such a great question. I know in my life I have had times where I felt like I was not moving anywhere. I felt stuck! Why won't anything work? It feels like I keep doing the same thing and not gaining any ground! These are just a few thoughts that have come across my mind during these times of uncertainty.

To begin with, I encourage you to set aside a time to fast and pray. This could be a day or three days depending on your schedule.  Get alone and quiet with the Lord and ask Him this question. One thing I have learned is that when we truly are centered in Him, He will answer this question especially. I will never forget one day while driving, the Lord revealed to me an area where I was out of His will. I could have sworn I was smack dab in the center.  But once I knew this, so many things began to make sense and I repented. I am thankful He redirected me and quickly I was on target again. I He loves us so much that at times we sense we are stuck because He is drawing us to Him to go deeper.

If you do this and do not sense any direction, then I would encourage you to approach your pastor, mentor, trusted friend, or a prayer warrior you know and ask them to pray with you regarding this issue. Scripture states that our hearts can deceive us (Jer. 17:9) so obtaining input from someone else just might be what we need.

Do not give up! Keep pressing into the Lord for an answer. However, sometimes the Lord has revealed to us what it is and we do not like the answer. We tend to pull away if this happens and discount it as "just our thoughts." If this is you, sit still with the Lord and begin the sometimes painful process of repentance, submission, and redirection.

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