Is Your Heart Prepared for Revival?
by Kristi Lemley on November 12th, 2020
The State of the Heart The progression of a hard heart does not occur all at once. The reason revival is imperative centers on the passing of time. If one’s heart is not continually searched and redirected to God alone, then our humanness takes over as it did with people in the Bible. The lessons learned from Scripture assist the Church in recognizing that obedience and a surrendered life displays...  Read More
The Love of Christ
by Kristi Lemley on November 2nd, 2020
Have you ever felt in love with a person? Not only did the warm fuzzies fill your entire being, but you felt invincible. Things just seemed right with the world? If love is this wonderful on a human level, imagine the experience of a heavenly Father who IS love. God doesn’t just act in love, He is love.I have tried to wrap my mind around this at times. Unfortunately, it ends up with me not being a...  Read More
Identifying the Why
by Kristi Lemley on October 12th, 2020
Behind every action, there is a thought. One of the theoretical counseling methods I utilize most is the Cognitive Behavioral framework. This idea states that our thinking directs our behaviors. If you can change the thought, the behaviors change also.I believe this is scriptural. Paul states that we need to renew our minds (Rom 12:2) and he also instructs us to think on what is lovely, true, pure...  Read More
Hindrances to Ministry
by Kristi Lemley on October 7th, 2020
Have you ever felt stuck in life or ministry? I know I have. Do you sometimes wonder what is making you feel this way? This post identifies six areas that could be hindering you.1) A scarcity mindset. What is this? A mindset is a way of interpreting situations around you. It is a way you see things. Scarcity mindset sees something as unfulfilled or unmet due to not being enough. Spiritually speaki...  Read More
Finding Purpose in Pain
by Kristi Lemley on September 21st, 2020
Over ten years ago, the Lord led me to plant a church in a small town. Emotions drifted between fear and excitement. After much prayer with a small leadership team and raising a budget, we launched out by opening an office, starting a Bible study, and offering free counseling services. There was a strong dark presence over this city and every week I would walk up and down the streets praying.Unfor...  Read More
Spirt Led Vs. Make it Happen
by Kristi Lemley on September 14th, 2020
Spirit Led vs. Make it HappenThere is nothing more powerful than the presence of God where in one moment a life can forever change. Sins erased. Addiction gone. Freedom from cancer. A marriage restored. Angels rejoicing in heaven. Chains breaking from the weight of His glory. How glorious to behold that sight!These experiences transform people, but how does it happen? Who instigates it? Why is thi...  Read More