A Posture of Humility
by Kristi Lemley on October 28th, 2021
from the Heart of Nicki Hausman- Prayer Team Member/Transformed Women's Leadership TeamThere is such power in humility. The Lord will raise those who are humble and will bring down those who are proud (Matthew 23:12).Jesus is the embodiment of true humility, agreed? Can you imagine lovingly washing the feet of your betrayer the night before your gruesome death? Jesus did.John 13:3-5, 12-17 (NLT), ...  Read More
Are You Awkward?
by Kristi Lemley on October 21st, 2021
From the heart of Nicki Hausman, Prayer Team Member/Transformed Women's Leadership TeamHave you noticed culture dictates what is acceptable behavior? Regularly peer pressure tries to control what is pleasing and acceptable in interpersonal relationships; regardless if the behavior is morally or ethically correct.Crazy thing is, Jesus loves awkward!Luke 7:36-38 (NLT), "36 One of the Pharisees asked...  Read More
Assistance with Fighting Battles
by Kristi Lemley on October 14th, 2021
ASSISTANCE WITH FIGHTING BATTLES, an excerpt from Kristi's book TRANSFORMED: In 2 Chronicles 20 when King Jehoshaphat saw that a multitude of people were coming against him, he could have gone into hiding. He could have come up with a battle plan all on his own. But how did he respond as a believer in the Great I Am? He ran to the Lord! Not only did he turn wholeheartedly to God, but he instructed...  Read More
Watch the Tide Charts
by Kristi Lemley on October 7th, 2021
from the heart of Kristi:Anytime before I visit Shell Island, I always check the tide charts. Wading through the strong current to arrive at the island is difficult enough, but to do it when the tide is up almost makes it impossible. The flow of water around my waist or chest can pull me off my feet so quickly.  Whereas the strength at my knees weakens the waters ability to cause me to lose my foo...  Read More
by Kristi Lemley on September 30th, 2021
From the heart of Nicki Hausman Transformed Women Leadership TeamOverwhelming times we are in, right?Sometimes life falls in on you like a house of cards and the feeling of inadequacy and insufficiency feels like your home address.Anyone? We wonder if we are up to the call of God and the tasks set before us. Yet, we need to look to our source instead of ourselves as Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 3:...  Read More
Transformed- Do You Need It?
by Kristi Lemley on September 23rd, 2021
An excerpt from Dr. Kristi's new book TRANSFORMED:Do You Need Transformation?Difficult situations we endure trigger questions which are a part of life. Why did God allow that to happen? Why didn’t God provide? Why am I not a better man? I can think of multiple biblical examples that questioned life after experiencing pain such as David being chased by King Saul, the people in John 11 asking about ...  Read More
Hope, It’s Available
by Kristi Lemley on September 16th, 2021
From the heart of Nicki Hausman, Leadership Team for Transformed WomenHope: to expect with confidence : TRUSTIt’s a struggle to keep your tank full of hope if you soak up all the social media and news commentator’s reports, isn't it? That is why I tend to shut off the television and make a choice to not tune in.Sometimes we get lost in everyday tasks and feel overwhelmed. This removes our eyes fro...  Read More
What\'s Holding You Back?
by Kristi Lemley on September 9th, 2021
From the Heart of Dr. Kristi-Are you wanting more of the Lord but have not been able to see it in your life yet? I know there have been times in my life where I was seeking the Lord and I felt like there was a block that kept me from receiving.First, the Lord is wanting us to draw near to Him and He WILL draw near to us. That is a promise! He longs for you and I to sit with Him, commune with Him, ...  Read More
Why Worry?
by Kristi Lemley on September 2nd, 2021
From the Heart of Nicki Hausman- Leadership Team of Transformed WomenWake up worrying? Do you do this? I know I have.So much trouble going on in the world from hurricanes, terrorism, earthquakes, racial division, and COVID 19. It seems the list is endless at times. There are even difficulties closer to home that vie for attention such as illness, family issues, financial strains, and helping other...  Read More
Expect God without Expectations
by Kristi Lemley on August 26th, 2021
From the Heart of Dr. Kristi-One of the reasons I love to go to Shell Island is to look for sand dollars. They are my favorite shell. I am always amazed when I find one that is complete because they can be so brittle when they dry up. I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting to see what presents are under the tree. One trip to Shell Island was a great disappointment. There were no sand dollars. Not ...  Read More
by Cheryl Kopmann on August 16th, 2021
From the heart of Nicki Hausman- Leadership Team of Transformed WomenSeekDo you ever need to enquire about something important, even life altering and cannot think of who to call? Friends and family are often good sources of advice sometimes. Occasionally one needs an expert. Rarely you might even need to hire an attorney or other skilled professional, right?However, it is in our best interest to ...  Read More
Cease the Comparison Game
by Kristi Lemley on August 12th, 2021
From the heart of Dr. Kristi-Cease the Comparison GameShell Island is named that because of the beautiful display of a multitude of different sizes and shapes of shells. They are everywhere. All different colors and textures litter the sand.One day as I walked along the edge between the water and beach the large shells caught my attention first. They were huge. Then as I began to look closer, I fo...  Read More