How do I step out when I am nervous?

What can I do when I feel nervous about stepping out?

Kristi's Answer:

First, I want to mention you are in good company. There are a lot of people who feel a little nervous when speaking in front of others, beginning that new ministry, or answering a friend's question about the Bible. This is normal. The issue is not necessarily an issue of fear, but healthy reverence for the holiness of what is occurring.

The one statement I want to share that changed my life when I heard it is- "When you have nothing to prove, you have nothing to lose." Dr. Melody Palm, a professor at Evangel University and my instructor for the Emotionally, Spiritually Healthy Minister during my doctoral program, informed us that we only try to prove something when we feel insecure or are afraid of rejection. These two emotions are very powerful. But if we remember to lift high the name of Jesus, then He is all that matters. This removes most of our fears and refocuses us on why we do what we do. If my heart is pure then I preach the best I can. If I truly feel led to begin that ministry, then the results are up to God. If my friend rejects the Gospel, then I just keep praying for another opportunity to share again.

I hope you keep stepping out. Still feel a little nervous? Then take a deep breath, ask the Lord to strengthen you, and then leave the results in His hands. Go ahead, step!

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