The Holy Spirit Transforms Lives

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The Holy Spirit Transforms Lives

Have you ever been frustrated as to why someone hasn’t changed? I know I have. The desire to tell someone, especially an unbeliever, how much better their life would be if they just did or didn’t do something, overwhelms our thoughts and at times comes out of our mouth. We attempt to be the change agent and become discouraged when the person does not quickly respond because we want the best for them. Unfortunately, this is one reason unbelievers do not associate with Christians−they feel judged.

The Lord continues to remind me of the scripture in First Corinthians 1that states God‘s ways are folly to those without the spirit (1 Cor 1:18). However, as Christians, we expect people to think the same way we do. We need to remember that it is the Spirit living in us that allows us to discern spiritual matters. It is not us, but the Spirit within us that transforms. The good news is that we are not the change agent. Thank you, Jesus. Not only is that pressure no one needs, but then a person could attempt to change us. We are only to introduce people to Jesus and then allow the Spirit to do the work. What freedom this brings to us as we intercede and release people into the hands of our Father.

Marcia Montenegro was an astrologer for over 20 years. She was the president of the astrological society and had no desire to be a Christian. She was opposed to it. Yet, the Lord prompted her to attend a church where He showered her with His love. This encounter did not bring her to salvation immediately, but it began to transform her thinking and ultimately, she surrendered to the Lord.

Why does Marcia’s story matter? Because no one at the church told her what she was doing was wrong but allowed her to attend just to learn about God. Marcia shares, “The church was liberal and didn’t care what I did. But had I gone to another church that would have shamed me for being an astrologer, I would have left immediately.” Marcia ended up over time (about eight months) giving her hear to Jesus and quit her astrology practice. She now ministers to people in the New Age movement to help win them for Jesus. She walks beside each person answering questions and allowing the Spirit to change them.

As Christians, we must recognize that we are not the One to change hearts and need to refrain from attempting to immediately clean people up. Let’s focus on three actions. First, we need to love people right where they are. Part of loving people means we introduce them to Jesus. Lastly, may we walk beside them as the Spirit transforms their heart and life.

To listen to Marcia's interview click on the link below:,-Even-if-they-Resist-Him-(S2,-E30) 

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