Grace and More Grace

From the heart of Dr. Kristi:

This week I have been on vacation with my adult step children and eight grandchildren all in one home-seventeen people! With that many people you know there were varying personalities and ideas. Yet, it seemed to work out fine.

Why was it so successful? One word-grace. We allowed each other to be who they are instead of trying to change someone to be like us. There was give and take mixed with a lot of patience.

What would happen if every day we lived with an abundance of grace? What if we met people right where they were and allowed their gifts to operate in their own way and not how we think it should unfold? How different would your life look like if you accepted and walked out your life with this same grace?

Right now, I pray against a critical spirit, insecurities, and pride. These are three hindrances to living by grace. Jesus died for each one of us  and He loves us beyond measure. So today, walk in knowing it’s okay to be you, and allow others to be who they are. Your day will be brighter, filled with more joy, and much more peaceful.

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