Deep Calls out to Deep

Deep calls out to Deep

From Kristi’s Heart:
One of my favorite places to visit is the beach. My special place is called Shell Island where you have to wade through water to walk from the beach out to the island.

One particular visit, the water to walk through was deeper than normal and the current was strong. We stepped in and it was work to steady ourselves. We reached the island and were rewarded with the beauty and serenity this remote area provided.

In that moment, the Lord spoke to my heart and had me look back at the people on the beach who were too afraid to make the journey. He said, “Most people are too afraid to step out into the deep with Me.  They fear what they do not know. Instead of a reverential fear, they are afraid of the unknown and what they will need to change or give up. They trade the familiar for My supernatural glory.”

Let today be the day you choose to let go of the comfort of the known and begin walking into the deep things with the Lord. Can you hear Him? Can you feel Him? He is beckoning you in this moment, saying Come!

What would change in your life if you decided to step out into the deep?

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