I Don’t Understand

Kristi’s Response:

What we do when we don’t understand says a lot about our faith and trust in the Lord.

Recently, my mom had a pretty serious surgery and she requested to have a private room. Unfortunately, she was placed in a two-person room because the hospital was so full. This was upsetting to her but she made the best of it. The next morning we talked and she was doing well. She called back within a few moments and I began talking with her roommate and prayed with her before they took her for emergency surgery. She had no family present and was scared. My mom and I ministered to her in that overwhelming moment. Mom was placed in that room, not because God didn’t care about her request, but because another one of His children would need Him and reassurance of His presence.

Whatever you are facing, I would encourage you to look for the God moment that is present. Instead of complaining about the situation (which I have done) may we open our spiritual eyes to notice what the Lord sees.

There is always a divine moment that we can embrace if we choose. It may not be life changing, but it just might take our eyes off of our troubles long enough that our faith rises up within us to push past our emotions in the moment.

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