How to Receive From the Lord

How to Receive from the Lord

This week is less of a question and more of a statement. If you are anything like me, sometimes, it is difficult to receive. Have you ever been given a gift that was difficult to take? Maybe you were embarrassed because you did not purchase one for the person giving it to you or you helped them but did not expect anything in return? These possibilities make situations of gift giving uncomfortable. Pride keeps us from receiving. Let's just call it as we see it. And I believe, these examples spill over to receiving from the Lord.

I remember when I was attending a revival service in Kentucky and the Spirit was present and almost tangible. I was at the altar and had just witnessed a man lay his chewing tobacco down on the altar and walked away praising the Lord. I knew people were being transformed, yet I had not "felt" it. I asked the Lord, "Why can I not feel You?" The response quickly came to my heart, "Quit thinking and just receive." There it was. I was attempting to receive without faith.

I had to release my human brain which was attempting to figure out what was going on and just take a deep breath. The moment I quit thinking and began to participate in worship in spirit and truth (John 4:23), my encounter with God began. With my eyes closed, I saw a bright white light on my right side in the top corner. This light began to grow larger and come closer to me. When all of the sudden, it touched me. I began to cry out to the Lord and pray in the Spirit. Later when I asked my prayer coordinator what it looked like in the natural realm, she stated the minute I began to cry out, there was a puff of smoke on my right side.

The lesson learned from this experience has remained with me for years- we can only receive by faith. When we allow our minds and emotions to become involved, we miss the mark. Next time you are worshipping the Lord, just say, "I receive all that You have for me Lord. I receive it by faith." Then wait in His presence and see what happens next. It might be a word or scripture revealed to you. It could just be a sense of peace or strength. And by chance nothing occurs, do not think that the Lord is not present. He is always with you.

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