How do I stay deep with the Lord when dealing with rejection?

How do I stay deep with the Lord when dealing with rejection?

Kristi's Answer:

This question is near to my heart because unfortunately, I have had to process and deal with rejection. We all do. When rejection is not dealt with, it leads to insecurities which wreck our faith and keep us from being all that God desires us to be. So these action steps are ones I walk out.

First, we have to lean into the Lord. Tell Him how you feel and ask Him to  help you. I have often quoted scriptures to remind myself of who I am in Him. This is vital. I have scriptures around my office and home about who I am in Christ and who He is. Speaking out the word of God on a regular basis also assists in keeping this confidence strong and continual. Recognize that we are not the "best" and that is okay.  Comparison will rob us of our destinies. Remain focused on that you are created, called, and anointed for a specific purpose.

Next. we need to identify what we can learn from a situation or if the Lord is actually protecting us from something. Ask yourself the question- What can I learn about myself or dealing with situations? Has the Lord revealed a stronghold in your life that needs attention? Is there a wound left untreated that needs the healing touch of Jesus? Or, is the Lord protecting you from becoming involved with a person or ministry that is not His will? There are well meaning people who need volunteers or employees that are interested in just a body present. However, the Lord does not desire that for us. He has a place for each one. When someone rejects us, this might just be the plan of the Lord to keep us from saying yes to something that is not in the plan for our lives.

Lastly, remain focused on what you know and not how you feel. This ties into the first point, but needs to be mentioned separately. Jesus was rejected also and it WILL happen again and again. Learn to overcome it by offering grace to people instead of taking it to heart. Some people reject us and they never meant to and do not realize what they said "stung" our hearts. Offer forgiveness and recognize there just might be times where you have done the same.

Overall, do not allow the enemy to pull you off course when rejection comes. Shake the dust off your feet, ask the Lord to heal the wound, and then move forward. The problem comes when we become stuck with the rejection and it festers and the lies of the enemy overwhelm the truth of God.

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