How to not take rejection of the Gospel personal

How do you not feel rejected when you share Jesus with someone and they refuse to accept Him?

Kristi’s Answer-
This is a great question. There are two answers-a macro level and a micro one.

On a macro scale- big picture, we need to remember that Jesus was rejected also. Not everyone recognizes their need for a Savior. Plus, people reject the Gospel because they think the Bible is “intolerant” and “outdated.” The most important reaction you can do in this instance, is pray for the person.

On a micro scale- a personal level, we must perceive the person is not rejecting us but the Spirit with in us. It is not you as a human they reject, but what you stand for. Keep in mind, the Lord only asks us to share the Gospel, results are up to Him. Only the Spirit draws people into a relationship with their Heavenly Father. The best way to respond in this situation is to let your life shine for Jesus. Be kind and compassionate, not judgmental or hypocritical. They will know us, Christians, by our love (John 13:35).

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