Release the Pressure

From Dr. Kristi's Heart:

The warm water, the shining sun, and the light breeze are such a welcome experience in Florida during the winter months in Illinois. Shell  Island beckons me every time I travel to the area.

One day last year I arrived at Shell Island a little angry. As I was walking and talking to the Lord, peace permeated my being. My second mom, June, turned to me and said, “I feel revived, renewed, and refreshed.  You can’t stay mean after a visit here.” She had no idea what I experienced before that walk on the beach, but the Lord knew. This lesson was all about releasing my anger and just meditating on Him. His presence changes everything, even my angry heart.

I am sure you have duties and concerns in your life- family, work, ministry, cleaning, finances, and a number of other tasks which vie for your time just like I do. These aspects press upon us and at times, we become overwhelmed or stressed out. (Or maybe it’s just me) Unfortunately, when we begin to feel this way, we become short tempered and lose our patience. Relationships around us sometimes suffer when we say things out of frustration and then a negative response from the other person triggers anger. Can you relate?

Are you upset today? Do you need to sit with the Lord and allow Him to minister to your mind and emotions? It’s hard to remain negative in His Light.

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