Transformed After a Death and Heaven Experience

Dr. Kristi Lemley

Have you ever wondered what heaven was like? What does a person see and experience when they are in heaven? Is the arrival in immediate when a believer dies? These are great questions and ones that Rabbi Felix Halpern can answer.

A mix up in medicine brought about a toxicity in Rabbi Felix’s body. He battled it but then a moment transpired that he will never forget. “All the sudden I realized my heart had stopped and I was dying. My spirit left my body and I hovered in the room briefly and then I arrived in heaven,” shares Rabbi Felix. He continued to share how the Lord called him from the diamond and gold business, but nothing compared to the streets of gold he witnessed. He observed the river of life and how at the bottom of the river were gemstones that shone brightly. Although the sights were amazing, what he saw did not compare to what he felt.

“The love was powerful, and I felt complete,” proclaims Rabbi Felix. Why does the way he felt overwhelm what he saw? Because God is love. It is not what He does, but who He is. Love is not a characteristic but at the very core of His being. It is this raw heartfelt, fully loved experience that transformed the Rabbi’s life. It has prompted him to launch Chofesh (meaning Freedom) Ministries where he shares the life-changing truths about the spiritual world.
What would an encounter in heaven do to your life? Would it press upon your mind to focus more on spiritual matters? Would it erase fear? Would it decrease grief because you will see a missed loved one? Would it finally bring about the peace you desire?

Could I challenge you? Heaven is REAL. The Bible is REAL. What if you began to press into the Lord and believe all His promises? My interview with Rabbi Felix brought about an excitement for what lies ahead, but it also brought about a boldness to believe for the impossible today. We can hear a story or read the Bible; but does it transform our lives or is it just another story? My prayer for everyone reading thisLord, stir up their faith to recognize the depth of love for them which triggers a boldness and courageousness.

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