Hindrances to Ministry

Have you ever felt stuck in life or ministry? I know I have. Do you sometimes wonder what is making you feel this way? This post identifies six areas that could be hindering you.

1) A scarcity mindset. What is this? A mindset is a way of interpreting situations around you. It is a way you see things. Scarcity mindset sees something as unfulfilled or unmet due to not being enough. Spiritually speaking, a person who has this lens sees that God only has so much favor, resources, promotions to give out; and they are afraid they may not be on the receiving end.
Here are a few thoughts and questions of a person who operates with this view. “I can’t do that. That will never happen for me.” “What do they have that I don’t?” “Why am I not enough?”  Do you compare yourself frequently with others? Are you jealous at times? Are you competitive? Do you hoard your time or resources? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a scarcity mindset just might be ingrained in your thinking.

2) Pride. Do you think that you are the only one with the answers? Are you focused only on your time and needs? Is there a desire for others to serve you? Are you focused on how relationships with others can build up your ministry instead of truly just being friends? Pride is one of the most horrific sins, but one we all fight. If you do not think pride is an issue, it just might be the reason you are stuck.

3)Wrong place. Are you in the place of ministry or employment where the Lord wants you? If not, you will continue to feel out of place. I can remember two occasions where it was time for me to leave a church and I stayed. Unfortunately, a situation occurred in both circumstances that negatively impacted me and caused heartache. This could have been avoided if I just would have been obedient and left when I knew it was time.

4) Motives. James says we have not because we ask not, or we ask with wrong motives (James 4:3). What motives you? Are you motivated out of obedience and love of the Lord? Do you help others because you love them? Or are there another motives at work such as: selfish ambition, attempting to earn God’s approval, seeking the limelight, or people pleasing behaviors.
Whatever the motive, if it is not of God, you will remain stuck. God does not share His glory or promote those whose hearts are not pure. Yes, there might be times doors open without the Lord’s help, but this is limited, and His power will not be present.

5) Learning contentment. This is one of the most difficult areas. There have been times I knew where the Lord was taking me, but it was taking too long. I became unsettled and yes, felt stuck. However, the scripture where Paul stated he has learned to be content continued surfacing (Phil 4:11). I began to pray to come to a place of contentment. Yep, when I arrived at that place, it was time to move.

6) Waiting for divine alignment. This area is out of our hands. There are times, that other people need to say “Yes” to the Lord before the next step is revealed to us, such as: an invitation that has been postponed, a spouse that needs to come into agreement, or that friend who needs to recommend you. Patience and trust are required to work through this.

Whatever the reason of feeling stuck, take it to the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to reveal to you what is going on. However, be prepared for the answer, it might surprise you. Do not believe the lie of the enemy that says God is holding out on you. God will NOT withhold anything good from His children. Confront the lies of the enemy, tighten the belt of truth around you and surrender to the Lord, then stand firm. Watch how the Lord works on your behalf. It is just a matter of time before you say, “LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!”

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