You too Can Live God’s Best by Walking in Freedom Every Day
by Kristi Lemley on April 14th, 2022
From the heart of Dr. Kristi Lemley-Do you sometimes feel like your thoughts are a tornado swirling in your mind? One thought pulls another negative thought into the scene and then damage begins to surface. The good news is that God can silence the chaos and freedom result. Jesus died and rose so that you and I could walk in peace, joy, and freedom. We do not have to succumb to the thoughts that e...  Read More
The Holy Spirit Transforms Lives
by Kristi Lemley on March 31st, 2022
From the heart of Dr. Kristi-The Holy Spirit Transforms LivesHave you ever been frustrated as to why someone hasn’t changed? I know I have. The desire to tell someone, especially an unbeliever, how much better their life would be if they just did or didn’t do something, overwhelms our thoughts and at times comes out of our mouth. We attempt to be the change agent and become discouraged when the pe...  Read More
Don't Give Up
by Kristi Lemley on March 23rd, 2022
From the Heart of Nicki Hausman: Transformed Women Leadership Team &Prayer Team MemberDon't Give UpSuffering: implies conscious endurance of pain or distress.Are you suffering? There seems to be a lot of that going around. Do you feel ready to give up, sign off, and quit trying? Don’t give up, weary traveler.Paul writes in Romans 8:18, 22-23, "For I consider that the sufferings of this present tim...  Read More
Don't Do it Afraid, Do it with Jesus
by Kristi Lemley on March 16th, 2022
From the heart of Dr. Kristi Lemley:Wars, pandemics, natural disasters, and food shortages can trigger fear. “What if” questions run through our minds daily. Even deeper, more personal aspects like keeping a job, the healing of a loved one, or an addiction that binds a family member keep us up at night. How do we live in peace and not anxiety?Sam McDowell shares the necessity of asking Jesus to si...  Read More
What are You Doing with Your Vapor?
by Kristi Lemley on March 11th, 2022
From the Heart of Jana McDonald (Director of Transformed Women)- I was looking out my living room window at the beautiful ten-inch blanket of snow that recently fell. As the sun was sparkling off every snowflake on the ground like a sea of glitter, I noticed vapors of heat coming from the furnace exhaust on my neighbor’s home. I watched these vapors and noticed they disappeared just as fast as the...  Read More
Is Pain a Gift?
by Kristi Lemley on March 4th, 2022
From the heart of Nicki Hausman- Transformed Women Leadership Team & Prayer Team  MemberI love gifts, usually.Funny gifts, beautiful gifts, pragmatic gifts, but pain as a gift? Pain is a gift in that it keeps us from injuring ourselves frequently, it warns us to avoid sharp objects, hot surfaces, and over doing heavy lifting. Unfortunately, pain is a gift that keeps on giving, even when I want to ...  Read More
Pray Your Prodigal into the Kingdom of God
by Kristi Lemley on February 23rd, 2022
From the Heart of Dr. Kristi Lemley:“I didn’t care when I was arrested because I was high. When the drugs and alcohol wore off it was a different story. There I stood in line about to put on the orange jumpsuit and move from a holding cell into the jail. I knew I could not put that jumpsuit on. I just mentally was unable. The guards were about to call my name for a search when all of the sudden I ...  Read More
Do You Want to Accomplish all that God has Created, Called, and Anointed you to do in 2022?
by Kristi Lemley on February 16th, 2022
From the heart of Dr. Kristi Lemley:Syd is a minister and pastor’s wife whose life about ended. One night during a revival service, she snuck out of church to complete her suicidal plans. A childhood trauma left her wounded and struggling in silence. Yet, the Lord had other plans for her life that night. When she was about to drive into the concrete embankment, the Spirit filled her car with His p...  Read More
Are you Desperate?
by Kristi Lemley on February 3rd, 2022
From the heart of Dr. Kristi:Today in my devotion, I read the story of the 4 people who carried their friend to Jesus. They couldn’t get him close, so they cut through the roof and lowered him. Jesus saw their faith and the man was forgiven of his sins and healed. (Mark 2)How desperate are we to get to Jesus- whether we need Him for ourselves or others? Are we willing to cut through our to-do list...  Read More
Red Sea Encounter
by Kristi Lemley on January 27th, 2022
From the heart of Dr. Kristi:Do you feel stuck or trapped today? Do you need divine intervention? When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, the Lord took them on a longer route because they would have faced the Philistines and encountered war before they were prepared. This would have triggered them to retreat to their past life in Egypt. Then the Lord had them turn back and encamp. This was to ...  Read More
Pressure Applied to Remove Pain
by Kristi Lemley on January 20th, 2022
From the heart of Dr. Kristi:One day in November during my prayer time, I felt prompted to go sit in my massage chair. I thought it strange in the middle of praying but I was obedient.Here is what the Lord spoke to me- as the massager moved over a knot in my shoulder He stated- “people have knots in their lives. (Old wounds, fears, worries, unforgiveness, guilt, perfectionism, on and on- you get t...  Read More
Life Coach
by Kristi Lemley on January 13th, 2022
From the heart of Nicki Hausman- Prayer Team Member & Transformed Women's Leadership TeamPeople sometimes engage life coaches when they want the best career track or financial plan for their lives. Each one of us have blind spots and areas where we lack wisdom or knowledge. That is the reason it is imperative for us to gain perspective from an outside source.As Christians, that outside source must...  Read More