Prophetic Word
by Kristi Lemley on January 26th, 2023
This is a prophetic word the Lord gave Dr. Kristi Lemley on January 2nd, 2023There are places around the world, where My glory remains. However, My glory has left many places, and the people are unaware that I Am no longer there. But I Am coming back in power. I will judge and bring my warring angels with Me. Soon, people will have to choose. Are you all in or in it just to get what you can? Do yo...  Read More
What is Your Greatest Fear?
by Kristi Lemley on December 1st, 2022
What is your greatest fear?by Dr. Kristi LemleyRecently, I led a retreat for women in ministry. In my morning devotion, I heard the Lord ask this question: "What is your greatest fear?" I quickly wrote down the question and knew that was the place to begin the morning session with the women. As I sat in the quiet longer, the Lord revealed the importance of facing our greatest fear. The Lord cannot...  Read More
A Miracle in Action
by Kristi Lemley on November 3rd, 2022
A Miracle in Actionby Dr. Kristi LemleyI woke up Saturday morning to a stark surprise, I had no voice. I attempted to speak, "Good morning," to my cat and nothing came out. Nothing! Alarm bells rang as I was supposed to preach the next day. My thoughts immediately went to, "What is going on Lord and what do I do? Should I cancel? Do I reach out to my contact person and give them a heads up that I ...  Read More
by Kristi Lemley on October 19th, 2022
Perplexed?By Nicki HausmanAre you in a battle and sustaining wounds and gashes?  Are you looking for a rescue or reinforcements yet no one is coming? Are you a child of God and thought He would have parted the red Sea and let you walk through on dry land by now? Do you question as to why God hasn't walked on your stormy water and grabbed you up?Paul reveals the plan in 2 Corinthians 4:7-18, "But w...  Read More
Are You Desperate Enough for a Jacob Moment?
by Kristi Lemley on October 13th, 2022
Are You Desperate Enough to Have a Jacob Experience with God?Dr. Kristi LemleyThe story of Jacob always amazes me. Jacob’s boldness to ask the Lord to bless him even after swindling his own brother out of his birthright and inheritance reveals the compassion of our Lord and His desire to have a relationship with all His children. That night as Jacob lay under the stars, he began to wrestle. This m...  Read More
Miracles are Still Possible
by Kristi Lemley on October 6th, 2022
A Walking Miracle Prayed for Around the WorldDr. Kristi LemleyDo you believe in miracles? Do you believe that God can still do the impossible? COVID has brought about frustration, anxiety, and confusion for some Christians. Why is God allowing this pandemic? Why does God not heal believers who have become sick? These questions have plagued the body of believers, but while we do not understand some...  Read More
Life Without Limits
by Kristi Lemley on September 22nd, 2022
Life Without LimitsDr. Kristi LemleyHow can we have a life without limits? By living to please the Lord. “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ” (Gal 1:10, NIV).We can respect, love, and help others, but we can never allow them to take the place of the Savior in ou...  Read More
God is Bigger Than Your Circumstances
by Kristi Lemley on September 15th, 2022
God is Bigger than Your Circumstances Dr. Kristi Lemley“No! No. It felt like a wave was coming over me and crushed me. Everything went black,” declares Melissa Eadie when describing the moment she received the news her leg would have to be amputated due to the cancer. This news meant the future she had planned as a professional dancer was dashed. Not only had the cancer come back, but now it had c...  Read More
God Has More for You
by Kristi Lemley on September 8th, 2022
God Has More for YouDr. Kristi LemleySyd is a minister and pastor’s wife whose life about ended. One night during a revival service, she snuck out of church to complete her suicidal plans. A childhood trauma left her wounded and struggling in silence. Yet, the Lord had other plans for her life that night. When she was about to drive into the concrete embankment, the Spirit filled her car with His ...  Read More
Thrive, Don't Just Survive
by Kristi Lemley on September 1st, 2022
Dr. Kristi- Thrive and Don’t Just Survive in Today’s WorldOne cannot turn on the tv, radio, or social media without being bombarded by dire reports, disasters, division, or darkness invading countries. If Christians are not careful, we can allow these reports to discourage, distract, or devastate us. The Bible explicitly states that the end times will consist of wars, earthquakes, lawlessness, and...  Read More
Pray Your Prodigal into the Kingdom of God
by Kristi Lemley on August 25th, 2022
Pray Your Prodigal into the Kingdom of GodDr. Kristi LemleyDo you know someone who has walked away from the Lord and needs to return? Could God use you in His divine plan? This is exactly what a father did for his son.“I didn’t care when I was arrested because I was high. When the drugs and alcohol wore off it was a different story. There I stood in line about to put on the orange jumpsuit and mov...  Read More
Do All that You Were Created, Called,
by Kristi Lemley on August 16th, 2022
Do All that the Lord has Created, Called, and Anointed You to AccomplishDr. Kristi LemleySituations bombards us with increased violence, financial strain, and division. These circumstances can only be met head on with a faith that remains unwavering and unhindered. How do we do this? How do we not allow worldly events to stop us from living out our purpose?Three words come to mind−identity, hope, ...  Read More